New Kout and Balot AI and new features

We have just released new update to Koutbo6 servers, this update includes major improvements in Kout and Balot AI, and many other new features and bug fixes. This update includes the following changes:

  • Significant improvement to the kout and balot AI players, you will notice the ai playing especially well when you go for bawan, the bot might even surprise you and try it some times! (not in tournaments though)
  • The new tournament competition rules will be introduced
  • Ability to invite friends to your game room
  • Pro players (silver and gold subscribers) will enjoy a new set of features, like room invites, and allowing their rooms to admit only invited or other pro players
  • Pro players will also have their avatars show on the room list
  • Many improvements and bug fixes to contacts, friends, and room lists, and now the room information will be more up to date.
  • Report cheating for tournament matches
  • Cumulative counter of 600 seconds for player exits in tournament matches

Get a taste of the new Kout and Balot AI, and latest updates now!

We hope that you enjoy the latest release.