Launch of weekend tournaments for Kout, Balot, and Hand

In preparation for the upcoming Ramadhan season, we will open registration from today for weekend tournaments for Kout bo 6,4, Balot, and Hand with games commencing on Thursday. So this will be a good opportunity to prepare yourself for this year's tournament!

We will be trying out a new way of organizing matches, by opening the match rooms directly after the draw is made Thursday morning, and the players have the opportunity to join any time throughout the day and before the scheduled match time to play. If the official match time arrives, then the game will start with whoever is in the room, and any player outside his room will forfeit.

To help contestants start early, we will be sending notifications when the match room is opened and if ever your opponent arrives early so all contestants can join and start early. We will also send out a reminder to join the room 10 minutes prior to official match start time. This could be a good opportunity to signup for the tournament from and enable SMS notification for the tournament.

The weekend tournaments will be played every week, with registration open for them throughout the week and gameplay starting on Thursday.

We hope you enjoy these tournaments and hope that you can share your feedback with us playing them