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Hello Everyone

We would like to take this opportunity to that our users for their continued support over the years. As a sign of our appreciation, we would like to give everyone a free gold subscription to either add to his current account or use with a new account. You can claim your free month simply by visiting (Valid until May 13th):

We would also like to introduce the recent changes that have happened at for the last year:

- The introduction of weekly tournaments with chances to win valuable prizes presented by AlAnba news paper and

- Solo challenges for hand and balot - New system to report and deal with cheating incidents in tournaments - Score sheet detailing all the incidents in every match played on that can be retreived any time - Kout and Balot on the iPhone with more games coming soon - Improvements to the rating system voted for by the users and the introduction of on the fly tournaments for those that love a quick challenge - New tournament system that makes finding your room and playing easier - SMS based notification system so you do not have to miss any game - Improvement to the artificial player where we have recorded a number of incidents where the kout AI won some bawans

And more to come hopefully before ramadan, stay tuned for the latest news

We hope that you find these new changes to your liking, and wish you a great Ramadhan this year.

Sincerely, The Team at