Popular games were the only entertainment practiced by our ancestors and our fathers, and it's a part of our history, heritage and represented a beloved memory for generations. We like it and it has still good and blessings and some of these games vanished and disappeared or none of using through time and we fear of losing it through the continuing of life while some other games on the issue of players appetite and interest and the interest of players observers the Games People currently prevailing in Kuwait and in the Arab world is a famous game called (Al -dama), which have increased attention and some books have been written on that, and Aldama is popular, sportive, intellectual game and has its encouraging and lovely of all ages and standers of lives."

Al-dama "utter is Turkish word and" Damats "is the plural and describing it as a game you need to think and use your intelligence. Although considered a simpler game than chess, and it's considered of the modern games that would not have known ancient. The game consists of 64 square betrayed equal spaces each player has 16 Htaba (wood) different in its color (yellow and blue).

The start point of the game to play the role it Al-hataba move one square forward and have to choose it from among eight possible moves at the beginning of the game and then continue to play in one move for each player depending on the direction of play box and one to forward to scoring points Al-hataba (wood) box and place one after the repast, either in front of, right, or left towards the playing Sheikh, all directions and distances.

Goal is to set a strategy on how to set a trap for to capturing (scoring points) or to move as much of wood and to deliver at least - hataba (wood) - any grade the last box of discount boxes to turn this hataba (wood) to the Sheikh.

Capture (scoring points) in Aldama

Capturing in Aldama can not be forced to eat and leave the overwhelming minority.

Capture (scoring points) in Al-dama

Al-dama get the title of Sheikh (King) when they arrive at the end in the last row of the opposing team boxes, and feature a sheikh in (Baedq) Al-dama to move anywhere, either vertically or horizontally. Can capture (scoring points) more than hataba (wood) without determining the distance without taking into account the horizontal and vertical. Upon arrival Al-Hataba (wood) to the title of Sheikh Al-hataba (wood) changes color and becomes distinct from the other woods.

Detection in Al-dama

Detection in Al-dama can optionally leave or pull her away, and sometimes be compulsory when you judged an example (if and fell a sheik or firewood provided) and Detection is meant by the alarm and get firewood or by Aldama may be used in a defensive player to get a tie or used offensively to win.


Declared the draw, if the game is between two players when each of them gets 15 Hataba (wood) or each one of them has got a sheikh.

Game over

The game ends if one of the players wins the most number of wood (Hataba) or sheikh in case there are two sheikh of the player and the sheikh of the opponent. The player who has got two sheikhs is the winner.