Sibeeta is one of the well known traditional games that is prefered by many people. Its too much close famous card game "Hearts". Sibeeta is played by four players where each player is independent. The goal of the game is to end up with least points, where each eat of (Queen of Spades, 10 of Diamond, and any card of Heart) raises the point of the player.

Distribution of playing cards

13 cards is given to each player then each player gives 4 cards either to the one in his left or right or the one infront of him.
The player can Declare that he/she has the Queen of hearts or 10 of diamonds, also the player can declare to double the hearts only when he/she has declared both the queen of spades and 10 of diamonds.

Way of playing

Sibeeta could be played in many ways knowing that the player should get rid of the card not needed or the card that may cause losing or even the player can give a card to intend the other player.

There are two ways of giving cards:

  • The first way is to give to the one in the right of you, then to give to the left, then not giving cards and get stock.
  • The other way is just giving to the right and left in all the game

After giving the 4 cards to the player tand receiving four new cards, players may be stock with high cards, the game then is started.

Way of counting the wins:

  • Queen of spades cost 13 and in case of declaring it costs 26
  • Ten of diamonds cost 10 and in case of declaring it costs 20
  • Each card in the heart suits cost 1 point.

In case of declaring the queen and 10, all cards are automatically doubled and each heart will cost 2 points instead of 1

The End of the Game:

The player always should prevent himself of eating the queen or 10 and in the same time always intend to make other players eat them untill they reach 151 or untill the computer player reaches 301 then the winner is the one who has the minimum points.


When a player doesnt eat in card, he/she will will receive -10 points and if in case of declaring that they will not eat anycard, he/she will receive -20, which then makes the players' situation much better.

  • If a player declares minus and ate the declared queen of spades he will receive double the double which is 52 instead of 26
  • If a player declares minus and ate the declared 10 of diamons he will recieve double the double which is 40 instead of 20
  • If a player declares minus and ate the declared heart he will recieve double the double which is 4 instead of 2