Trix Game

Trix game is played by four people of each independent person. It is also played by one team. The team consists of two payers by composing a card in this game from 52 cards (all the playing cards with the exception of Joker and Maker) The card is formally arranged from the smallest to the biggest: 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - Jack - Queen - King Ace, The trix game is considered as a popular game in many countries in the Middle East - like, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Syria & Qatar.

The states of the game is of circular shape. The starting of the game differs according to choice of the people, and many of the laws are fixed and agreed upon.

At the starting of the game as the request of the player that appears on the card (seven special) in this case the player shall be the owner of the starting of the game, many types of games widely spread.

Usual Game

Where as the player has got the right to request all the requests in one game (Without the request of trix) and he can do individual requests, two requests, or three requests according to the decision of the player.

Request of Kingdom

Every player has got the right to make one choice (obligatory) and he can’t make more than many request at one time. In this game every stage is called (Kingdom) and every Kingdom is formed from five requests (Diamond - King - Queens - Eats - Trix) at the end of every Kingdom, the player attempts to obtain the highest number in minus ( - ) for example.

The results for 4 players as follows:

  • Player No. 1: 150
  • Player No. 2: 100
  • Player No. 3: 100
  • Player No. 4: 200

At the termination of the requests of the players, the game is terminated and fourth player scored the highest number (200) considered as the first position.

Explanation of Kingdoms

The cards shall be distributed to the players and the player shall select what is suitable for him from the requests of the Kingdom. for information for every request there is one chance for selection and after the selection of the player from selecting all the Kingdom, the Kingdom transfers from him to another player and the following and so on till the last player and after that it ends. The following is the explanation among every system from the selections of the Kingdom Diamond.

At the selection of Diamond system non of the cards of the playing cards shall have a point added to the account with the exception of the cards belonging to the group Diamond that bears 10 points.


In the system of King the game depends on one card which is the sensitive King (K) that bears the balance of 75 points added tot the balance of the player, as for the remaining cards it does not bear any point.


In this system the game depends on four cards of the playing cards and these are the cards that bear the photo of (Q) every card bears the photo of Queen and it will be added 25 points to it and the remaining cards shall not bear any point.


At the selection of this Kingdom, the game depends on the type of cards, but, it will depend on the number of eats that the player eats and every eats bears 15 points added to the account of the player.


At the selection of the Kingdom of (Trix) the game depends on the method of the arrangement of the papers. It is on the player to try to terminate the card that he has got in hand as fast as possible by arranging them, where as the starting shall be with (Jack).
Then, the arrangement of the cards whether by elevation or descending.

Sensitive Jack (Elevation): Sensitive Queen and then sensitive King and the termination of the cards shall sensitive Ace.
Sensitive Jack (descending) – Tenth sensitive then ninth sensitive and so on.

For your information all (Jack) shall take the same method

The fastest player at the termination of the playing card in his hand, he will obtain 200 added to his balance and the second shall obtain 150 and the third 100 and the last 50.

Method of playing in the site

The starting of the game for the player within the cards is the seventh sensitive card that can appear on the right of the fifth screen of squares and every square bears a selection from the selections of the Kingdom (that have been explained above) and besides a button (request) the player selects a system that matches with his cards that can let him to obtain less amount of points in this stage, and, then he will press the required square to be selected till it appears a correct sign in the square, and then he will press the button (Request) and the game starts.

Changing of the laws

The owner of the room has got the right to change some laws of the game that will suit for him and suit the players before starting the game, and the following there are many changes of the law (some of the laws can be changed)

Announcement of the Law

In this game, a player can announce some cards like, sensitive King – and Queens. This method the points can be added, and each of these cards to double. i. e, the points of King will become 150 point instead of 75 and the points of Queen of the Queens of 50 points instead of 25.


It is the re-distribution of the card when it falls in the following cases.

  1. King System: after the distribution of the card at the presence of (sensitive Acel) done among the papers of one of the players, and it will also be re-distributed when it is a (sensitive) King alone among the card of one of the players.
  2. Trix system: The card shall be re-distributed in the case of availability of 3 cards bearing No. 2 and the card that bears No. 3 or at the availability of 4 cards each bearing No. 2.
  3. Summary

    At requesting King, Queen, Queens, Diamond, or Eats - keep far from eating as much as you can that exceed your balance, where as when ever your balance decreases the rate for the success of the player increases